Education – Education helps provide a foundation for a productive life and productive economy. While local control of our schools is important, we owe it to our children to, within that context, stop lagging behind most of the rest of the United States, since our children are competing now more than ever with students from outside of Georgia.

Economy—I support small business development and the development of a well-educated workforce, both in terms of college and the development of technical skills, to encourage companies to invest in Georgia. And we should support each other: With the diversity of products manufactured and services offered by DeKalb County and Georgia businesses, home should be the first place that DeKalb and Georgia businesses look when searching for vendors.

Environment – I stand for responsible stewardship of Georgia’s natural resources, for their protection and appropriate development. I am working to encourage a slowly growing awareness that maintaining natural resources can be beneficial economically. Sustainable use of our resources, particularly our large amount of forestland, and our beautiful natural settings that encourage recreation and tourism, can make considerable contributions to our economy. However, we should not be willing to sacrifice natural resources if we think we can make money doing so; it may be faster, but it is shortsighted.

Energy – Included in responsible stewardship of our natural resources is also energy production. I support of diverse portfolio of energy production methods, including cleaner ways to use tried and true methods of production, and newer, sustainable methods of production. One of these methods, solar energy, already benefits the Georgia economy, with 2 solar panel manufacturers located in Georgia.

Equality—As Georgians, we deserve a sound education, the opportunity to work hard and earn a living, and basic human respect. I continue to work to make Georgia a better place for all Georgians.